Valentino x MyTheresa Art Basel





A mixture of AI and machine learning.

For this installation Webb created a triptych installation of digital infinity mirrors. 

The centre mirror, upon approaching, would rain down words that describe your internet identity, from what it could find online.


Using the Microsoft Azure visual recognition system, Webb and his  team trained an AI model capable of identifying each guest at the Valentino x MyTheresa Dinner.

The visual recognition model is capable of identifying the approximate age, gender, facial expression (emotion) and facial features of the guest.

Your internet identity

However for this installation, Webb built a scrapper capable of connecting the guests instagram profile to their visual recognition model. The result. The AI could crawl through interviews and instagram captions to find the best words that described the guest.

Each of the artworks was built into one of Webb’s digital infinity mirrors, a dynamic LED system housing built in air-conditioning, airflow management and gaming computers. 


190cm x 83cm

Hand made Aluminium frame and steel floor stand chasis.

5000 nit brightness 24/7 operation rated LED display.

Intel NUC 8-core computer.

Microsoft Azure VR model.

Unity x Node.js sever.