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In the TV series, Lost, there’s this hatch where the character Desmond is forced to constantly type in a code to a computer to prevent the world from ending. He has no idea if what he is doing actually prevents the end of the world, he just performs this repetitive task because a small computer terminal tells him so. I don’t know why but social media makes me feel like Desmond. Why am I liking this stuff? Why am I scrolling these feeds and double tapping these images, I doubt these people see my like out of the other 30 thousand. I’m just doing it because I’ve been told to do it. We are slaves to the hype, we are slaves to the desire to have more, to get more likes.

I recreated the terminal using some graphics shaders to emulate the old CRT screens. The program gets my real-time follower count. My ambition is to build this into an old CRT machine and place it in the corner of the room. Forced to forever comment on the digital metrics that carry so much weight they govern lifestyle.

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digital infinity mirror

programmed art

technical specification :
  • ¬†high-grade 6mm glass mirrors
  • quad-core integrated computer
how does it work :

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If you wish to enquire about a commission artwork please contact us using the form and explain your commission details.

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The artwork comprises of Thomas Webb’s original invention, the digital infinity mirror, and mixture of LED and mirror.

After powering on the display, you can use the provided bluetooth remote to access the display settings and search for your wi-fi network if needed. Once connected the display will automatically connect each time it is powered on.

the display uses 1 x UK power sockets to run.

The mirror display comes with a flat wall mount. It requires 4-6 included screws to be inserted into the wall to mount the bracket. The display then slots into the wall mount bracket and sits flush on the wall with no gap.

Depending on usage, the display can last over 10 years. If any of the technology becomes faulty it can be repaired or replaced. Once you purchase the artwork you own the digital simulation and this can be transferred from a damaged mirror display to a working one.

No, you cannot purchase the individual program to run on your own device. However, once you purchase an edition, you own the code and program, allowing it to be kept secure should your display become faulty. It can then be transferred to a repaired or new display.

All the mirror displays come with a 5-year display burn guarantee. The program is yours forever, and is secured by the estate in digital format for you. Should your display need repair or replacement the program can be transferred.

Yes, the display mirrors can be sold on, each piece comes with a digital certificate which can be transferred from party to party.

Each artwork is encoded with an encryption key and stamped. This is tied to a digital certificate that is hosted online, allowing only the owner of the artwork to transfer ownership.

All parts of the digital mirror display can be replaced. If the mirror is damaged, a new mirror can be ordered.