The first idea that Thomas had using real-time data to convey art. This piece uses a matrix of independent dots where the dots can be either dark, light or off. At its core, the mirror acts as a clock, the hour of the day given by the number of an individual dot colour and the minutes of the day a different tone.

Synced to the internet world clock, each minute the mirror rearranges itself creating an entirely new formation that will not repeat itself for millions of years. The goal in mind, to present each viewing a unique and individual experience of the piece.

However, numbers are not real; sequences are not real, random number functions are not real. Nothing can be entirely random, except for the distribution of rainfall on a 1×1 meter square.

Webb also created a program to control the two colours for both the hour and minute dots.  An algorithm which takes the current Celsius temperature of the clocks geo-location and uses this to create unique RGB(255,255,255) tones in real-time as the weather reconfigures.

With every passing minute comes a new visual expression.



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