I am trying to create artwork that reflects the hidden middle-ware in contemporary life, how I see the world today – 1’s and 0’s. We live two lives, online and offline, and we cohabit them. We post everything on the internet, sometimes without realising it. Endless streams of data about our lives; habits, fears, thoughts, dreams, most importantly our raw emotions. Collectively natural but when looked at individually, unique. This data gives me the chance to create art from 1’s and 0’s, a paradoxical declaration.

I program looping programs that collect real-time data from the internet to display objective truths. I want to make sense of data, organising real-time flows to make my comments about the world.

I have developed a digital mirror medium; one or two, 2-way mirrors in front of an LED display, controlled by a microcomputer. Which allows turns all dark light into total mirror reflections and white light into bright, sharp, light and colour. Avoiding the fundamental disconnect we have when seeing a ‘tv screen’. Instead, viewers are invited to see a reflection of themselves in an active fragment of the internet I wish to show them.

I find great beauty in the reflection of real-time contemporary life because I can make a statement about time; a shared construct that is entirely relative. As the data changes, my initial statement can be proven true or false. In a way, I create dice that roll with weighted sides, however, society has the power to reconstruct these weightings.

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