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Thomas Webb is a British born artist living in London, UK. His work orbits around real-time data and how it can be applied to reveal present contemporary life but also exact thoughts, feelings and beliefs of digital data. Webb uses a variety of media, mainly producing works that are programmed utilising numerous server systems connected to real-time data sources and social media. By using social media APIs, his work can obtain millions of tweets, statuses and statistics each second which he applies to visualise present moment being through the lens of his dispositions.

By utilising real-time data, his work is not a static account of emotion or emotional acknowledgement. Instead, it is a fluid entity that can modify its opinion, employing millions of users to define the artistic message of the works in real-time. Webb portraits the emotional state of the internet world and the rate at which we are affecting it. Some of his recent works include a collaboration with Valentino, Proof Of Parallel and Depression Has No Face, a smart mirror using sentiment analysis AI to display individual tweets from all users worldwide expressing views of depression, stripped of their profile, picture and location.

Thomas Webb born in 1991, has given varied TEDx talks and global keynote addresses on the themes of hacking systems for artistic purposes. In 2018 Webb was featured in WIRED magazine for creating a mind-reading AI.