I am an artist, tech futurist and hacker with a focus on harnessing new technologies and showcasing innovative applications.

My work begins with hacking things together by subverting systems to realise a concept I’ve imagined. Nothing in my mind is impossible.

Formerly Tom London – a moniker I adopted to rank myself highly in Google searches – I built my reputation as a digital magician, using hacking and deception to perform interpretations of infamous tricks, demonstrate social engineering and how magic and technology are infamously indistinguishable.

Online my performances have amassed over 40 million views, and i’ve performed keynote addresses in over 30 countries on behalf of brands such as Microsoft, HP, Snapchat and Instagram.

I am currently consulting tech companies and startups with regards to innovation and creating artistic content to communicate technological advancements.

At 15 I hacked into my school’s computer network and uncovered students who were downloading illegal and damaging content into the school’s computers. I revealed the systems’ weaknesses to my network admin who also played World of Warcraft, who told the headmaster. I was rewarded with admin user rights to the school computers so that I could play WoW during lunch breaks. Win.

In 2017 I hacked my live America’s Got Talent audition by using PubNub’s data stream as a method for delivering ultra-high speed payloads to mobile devices. I delivered a keynote for WIRED magazine on combining technology and magic as a theory to explaining and showcasing technology in a way that understands the comprehension of an audience with regards to technology, and how this can create magical experiences with technology. I built a mind-reading AI using the world’s most powerful NFC RFID reader that I built into an eye tracking robot. It fooled many notable cybersecurity officers and was broadcast on BBC worldwide numerous times.

My debut art exhibition, “STRANGERS” received acclaim for its technological innovations. My pieces include a world first in holographic technology, Real-Time Art and I invented a new form of digital infinity mirror. “Food Bank”, a constantly updating data art piece depicting the number of global deaths from starvation against the millions of dollars spent daily by the first world on weight loss programmes and products – minus the money needed to feed those who starved. Also, part of the show, I created a “life-changing” VR experience that captured my intimate, relationship experiences and played them back for attendees to vicariously live through.