"STRANGERS", Lightsabers



This lightsaber sparks violently in real-time, when one hectare of forest is cut down as a result of deforestation. Data is dynamically collected from the most recent global studies.

This sabre shows the rate at which the human race is negatively affecting the planet. It’s connected to the internet and flashes each time one hectare of forest is cut down due to deforestation, in real-time, a more civilised chainsaw.

Deforestation is a complex issue that is often clouded by political influence. The title is a quote from Star Wars when Vader is trying to convince the ‘political’ leaders of the Empire that the Death Star is a ‘technological terror’ and that it’s power is nothing compared to the force. 

The Death Star also has a green laser which was used to destroy a beautiful, Earth-like planet called Alderaan, I love that this piece when tied with this quote contains so many layers that metaphorically depict the issue I am trying to bring awareness to, you just have to be a massive Star Wars fan to see it.