Size: 15 H x 15 W x 6 inch


Fan powered hologram unit, no projection and visible in daylight.

Having A bad day is about a drug that I invented. I wanted to create a dystopian future within the installation and showcased how in 2048 we can freely commit suicide. I wanted to create an irony, that corporations would profit from such an activity, and ultimately make a statement about the pharmaceutical industry that already profits heavily out of the manufacture of drugs that can seriously effect peoples lives, positively or negatively.

“OVER THE COUNTER” is a triptych installation of holograms showcasing the year 2048 when pharmaceuticals are available at any drug store.


I wanted to create a 80’s Sci-Fi inspired themed, imagining the hologram style from films such as blade runner, I wanted to use the same artistic direction for adverts that could be possible in the future.