Size: 15 H x 15 W x 6 inch


Fan powered hologram unit, no projection and visible in daylight.

Fornite 2048 is a satire pop art piece that advocates the use of Aderall to be a better Fornite player. The idea was that we are becoming ever increasingly competitive and after documentaries like “take your pills” have become pop culture, the use of these drugs is becoming a common way for people to increase the level at which they compete.
Metaphorically I am talking about the business world, so decided to use Fortnite as the pop culture metaphor for the rat race which everyone is in.

“OVER THE COUNTER” is a triptych installation of holograms showcasing the year 2048 when pharmaceuticals are available at any drug store.


I wanted to create a 80’s Sci-Fi inspired themed, imagining the hologram style from films such as blade runner, I wanted to use the same artistic direction for adverts that could be possible in the future.