Size: 23 H x 38.1 W x 3.5


Real-time tweets about the future.

Built into a highly reflective mirror.

I don’t even see the code is a real-time interactive mirror showing worldwide tweets about the future. The tweets are unfiltered and can only be read when a photograph is taken of the mirror, as the text scrolls infinitely down the screen using the ‘Matrix Rain’ effect.

The moment the tweet falls down the mirror is just a few ms after someone anonymously tweeted it, freeing their thoughts and opinions on the future into the digital realm.

I don’t see people, cultures, societies. I see code. Everyone and everything is a function, a program. After spending most of my life as a mind reader, social engineer and hacker I partition people into code, from their emotions to their actions.

A lot of my work is about capturing real-time emotion, this piece was a visual respite for me, this is how I see the world and it’s only fitting that it relay what the world thinks about my view, the view of a futurist.